Domain Analysis

Domain Analysis

Get a complete analysis

•Get a full overview of a domain and its online visibility

•Analyze a domain’s growth trend over time

•See the markets where a domain has the leading representation

•Discover the top keywords that bring the most traffic from the organic and paid channels


Compare Domains

•Save time spent on summary analysis. Compare up to five competitors within one report

•Uncover and analyze the key metrics either for a specific country or globally: organic search traffic, paid search traffic, and number of backlinks

•Choose domain type: root domain, subdomain, subfolder


Growth Report

•Save time on reporting by getting the key data on a domain’s growth trend in one place

•Evaluate a domain’s progress for organic traffic, paid traffic, and backlinks for a specific period: three months, a quarter, 6 months, a season, or 1 year

•Easily export the report to xls or csv


Compare by Countries

•Compare organic and paid performance of a domain in different countries

•See the organic share of a domain for specific markets

•Export the trends to xls or csv

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