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What is Whois?

As per ICANN regulations, when a domain is registered, registrants must provide registrars with up-to-date contact information. This information is displayed publicly in the Whois database, which acts like a giant address book that anyone can view. Try our Whois domain tool now to find out if that domain you’ve had your eye on has already been taken. If it’s available, great! Register it today. If it’s already in use, why not make them an offer they can’t refuse?

Why is ‘Whois’ important and who can use it?

The Whois database makes it easy to find a website owner. This may be useful if you need to contact the domain name holder, or if you’re a legal team wanting to clarify ownership for a trademark dispute. Domain buyers and sellers can also benefit by using Whois to view site ownership details fast, which helps the domain purchasing process go smoothly. If you’re interested in acquiring a domain and want to find out if it’s already been registered, you can use our Whois search tool to check its availability.

How do I use the Whois Lookup Tool?

Do you want to know more about a domain and find out who owns it? Use our domain owner lookup tool by entering the URL into the search bar above. Here you will find the answers to important questions like: Is the domain available for registering? Who is the domain owner? What contact information is available? When is the registration expiration date? Discover further information on any domain, and find new opportunities for your personal or professional website.

What is Whois?
Why is ‘Whois’ important and who can use it?